To graduate from our program and receive the Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (SEP) Certificate, you must complete 216 training contact hours (6 to 8 training modules depending on the country).

In addition, you must receive 12 hours of Personal Sessions and 18 hours of Case Consultations by an approved provider. Of these 18 hours, a minimum of 4 credit hours must be individual and a minimum of 6 credit hours must be with Faculty. 

Please note: 

  • 3 hours of group case consultation time counts as 1 credit hour. 
  • All modules and associated administrative processes must be completed before receiving the SEP Certificate. Certificates may be held until such processes are completed (incomplete payment plans or other pending fees, waivers, etc.). 
  • If you wish to transfer from a US training to a European training, different training requirements may apply. For more information, visit 

For more information:

SE™ personal session providers, individual case consultation providers, and group case consultation providers are published by approval level. Before you receive an accredited session, use these lists to make sure the provider you are using is approved for your current level of training and the type of session or consultation you want to receive. 

Session providers may be approved by Somatic Experiencing International (“SEI”), the Brazilian Trauma Association (“ABT”), or the European Association of Somatic Experiencing (“EASE”). Check with your regional organiser if you have any questions.

SEI provider lists are updated monthly and some providers may have been approved since the last update. In addition, some providers who were previously approved may have been removed from our lists until they sign our new Informed Consent and Provider Release Agreement. If you worked with a provider that was previously approved and is no longer on our list, you may want to remind them to sign our agreement so they can continue to provide accredited sessions. If you have questions about the status of a particular provider, don’t hesitate to contact 

All accredited sessions must be received from approved providers for your current level of training. These sessions must be recorded on a session registration form and will begin counting toward credit on the first day of your Beginner I training. 

Session fees are set by approved individual providers. This fee applies if a consultation is given during a training or between modules in a private practice place. 

Personal Session and Individual Case Consultation fees are paid directly to the provider. 

Policies regarding session fees are set by SE™ International and are reviewed periodically; rates may be subject to change by SEI without notice. 

Personal Sessions: The cost for a 1-hour session per person is 60-80 EUR. 

Group case consultation:  Fees are set by the provider. Since 3 hours of group consultation equals 1 hour of credit, the fee must be assessed at actual hour dedicated to group consultation. Check with your regional organiser for the current rates in your country. 

Group consultations: must be received from an approved group consultation provider or SEI-approved teacher. Group consultation fees are paid directly to the provider.  

Policies regarding allowable fees for group case consultations are established by SE International and are reviewed periodically; rates may be subject to change by the Institute without notice.

It is strongly recommended that your sessions and personal consultations be spread throughout your training to receive maximum educational benefit. This will ensure that you are receiving valuable input and support as you progress through your training. 

If the session distribution does not match the previously recommended distribution, you are still eligible for the SEP certificate as long as the total session requirements are met. 

Providers must be approved for their current level: Once the first day of a new level of training begins, all accredited sessions must be received from an approved provider to give sessions and/or consultations at their current level of training (e.g. starting on the first day of their Intermediate I training,  All sessions and inquiries must be received from approved mid-tier providers.) Before booking sessions, verify that the provider is approved for your current level of training. 

We encourage you to get sessions from a variety of providers who have been trained by different SEI faculty so you can benefit from their diverse experience, education, backgrounds, and styles. Remember that the amount of sessions required are the minimum that you need to receive your SEP certificate but it is recommended that you receive as many as you can afford.


In order for a participant to apply for the SEP Certificate, they must properly assemble the SEP Approval Pack form.


Unable to get a signature for credit on your session log?

If you are unable to obtain a signature for the credits documented in your session record, you will need to provide documented verification along with the session record. To submit a session record with documented verification instead of a signature from your provider, you must: 

  • Document the details of Personal Sessions and Case Inquiries as fully as possible in the available Session Log. 
  • Instead of signing on session logs, indicate what type of documented verification is offered. For example, type “view email” instead of the signature for documented email verification. 
  • Acceptable documented verification of hours includes emails, invoices, and receipts. 
  • Any documented verification must include: 
  1. The name and surname of the credit provider
  2. Date credit was received
  3. Type of credit received (i.e. personal session, individual case consultation, etc)
  4. Level of participant during receipt of credit

Please note that email exchanges coordinating a Session or Consultation are not documented verification that the Session or Consultation took place and will not be accepted. Email exchanges about Session or Inquiry that has already occurred will be accepted as verification.


Re-admissions are for returning students who attended the Professional Training Program five or more years ago and not for enrolment into a specific cohort.

Below you’ll be able to download the Re-admission Application form and the Student Informed Consent form. Completing this application will take about 10-15 minutes. Once we have received your complete application materials, processing will begin. Applicants will be notified by email of their application status within 10-15 business days.

If you need assistance, please contact Ilse at